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Artisan gelato
Artisan gelato

Ice Cream

With our specially produced family size packaging (1Lt), in 10 flavors, we target supermarket shoppers who are looking for a local, fresh and conveniently priced product. Our single portion sized cups (225ml) are excellent and tasty Aruban-made treats. 




Bourbon Vanilla flavored Gelato ice cream with Vanilla seeds.


Rich Chocolate ice cream from Belgian Callebaut Chocolate.


Sweet Strawberry ice cream with natural Strawberry fruit pulp.


Pistachio ice cream flavored with Pistachio nut paste out of Sicily.

Dulce De Leche

Caramel flavored ice cream with a rich creamy Dulce de Leche swirl.

Mango Sorbet

Non-dairy, Nonfat Mango Sorbet with fresh Mango pulp from India.

Cookies & Cream

Cream flavored ice cream with small Oreo Cookies.


Cream flavored ice cream with rich dark Callebaut Chocolate pieces.

Rum Raisin

Rum Flavored ice cream with juicy plump raisins soaked in Jamaica Rum

Sugar Free Vanilla

Non Fat, Sugar Free, ice cream flavored with Bourbon Vanilla with less calories.

Sugar Free Chocolate

Non fat, Sugar Free, ice cream with Belgian Callebout chocolat

Lemon Sorbet

Non dairy, Low Fat Sorbet with lemon juice


Rich, creamy ice cream made with real coffee

Peach Yoghurt

Refreshing Yoghurt ice cream with a Peach Swirl


Peanut flavored ice cream with grinded peanuts on top

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