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Artisan gelato
Artisan gelato

About Pico Bello

Ewald Jorink, owner of Pico Bello, was born into a family of ice cream makers. His grandfather was making vanilla ice cream for banquets and fancy dinners in his bakery as early as 1925. Ewald learned the art of ice cream making from his father at the family’s bakery and ice cream parlor.




Our ice cream adventure in Aruba began in 1991 when we opened on Mainstreet. At first we offered nine flavors of Italian ice cream, or “GELATO” as it is better known in the U.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. Maurischat of the restaurant Chalet Suisse introduced our ice cream to their guests circa 1999. This was just the first of many food service industries that we proudly supply today.


Pico Bello @home

In 2005, we built our own home in Schotlandstraat in order to create more room for the machinery we needed. We are now able to craft our home-made Italian ice cream for the Pico Bello lover at home, taking literally the term “home-made”


Giving back

Having been part of the island community for almost twenty-five years, we are committed to giving something back to the island we call home. Our ice cream is donated to local foundations such as Casa Cuna and Imeldahof. We also sponsors for several youth organizations such as PONY baseball, The Tanki Leendert Angels softball team and the Brittannia soccer team.


We offer guided tours for schools and summer camps. Showing the children how ice cream is made is a lot of fun and educational. 



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