Our home-made Aruban ice cream and sorbets are made daily. Only fresh and natural ingredients such as wholesome Dutch milk, Caribbean cane sugar, pure Italian nut pastes and fresh fruits are used. All our products are preservative-free. Be seduced and inspired by our many flavors and combinations.


Artisan gelato

Artisan Gelato

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. Gelato contains a higher percentage of solids but less fat than regular ice cream. Our home-made Gelato comes in 5 liter containers and is available in more than 30 flavors. Of course we produce the ‘regular’, but we are also able to craft any flavor you can think of. Imagine the possibilities…



Ice Cream

With our specially produced family size packaging (1Lt), in 10 flavors, we target supermarket shoppers who are looking for a local, fresh and conveniently priced product. Our single portion sized cups (225ml) are excellent and tasty Aruban-made treats. 


Pico bello ice cream
Piconetto chocolate and strawberry
Piconetto logo


A crispy cone filled with vanilla ice cream, topped off with Belgian Callebaut chocolate and hazelnut pieces, or sweet strawberry sauce. Available at your local supermarket. Look for the Piconetto’s in the special Piconetto displays. 



Pico Choco

Sweet vanilla ice cream, covered in Belgian Callebaut chocolate.

With every bite the perfect mix of milk chocolate and creamy sweetness.

You can find Pico Choco in the Pico Bello displays at your local supermarket. 


Pico Choco
Pico Choco logo

Pico Smoothie

The Pico Smoothie is a healthy choice among our ice cream assortment. Made out of fruit pulp and preservative free. You can find Pico Smoothie at your local supermarket. Just look for the Pico Bello flags and displays. 


Pico Smoothie logo

Pico Rico

The perfect refreshing snack for the little ones. But why not treat yourself? This conveniently priced popsicle comes in the flavors Orange and Grape. You can find Pico Rico at your local supermarket. Look for Pico Bello flags and displays. 


Pico Rico Grape
Pico Rico Orange
Pico Rico Logo
Artisan gelato

About Pico Bello

Ewald Jorink, owner of Pico Bello, was born into a family of ice cream makers. His grandfather was making vanilla ice cream for banquets and fancy dinners in his bakery as early as 1925. Ewald learned the art of ice cream making from his father at the family’s bakery and ice cream parlor.




Our goal is to ensure that every single customer receives the absolute best quality and will be back for more. Our ice cream is always available, we can help you with display and advertising material, we can provide you with accessories and interior design support.